What We Do

Who is Rush Island?

Rush Island is an asset manager investing in publicly traded real estate and related securities. The firm was founded in 2018 by Steve Millham and Raleigh Nuckols and is LGBTQ+ owned. Rush Island was formerly known as Northwood Liquid Management. Mr. Millham and Mr. Nuckols worked together at Farallon Capital Management, where Mr. Millham was a partner for 16 years.

Our Philosophy

Rush Island believes there is a lack of opportunistic capital investing in real estate in the public markets. Real estate securities in the public markets often exhibit greater volatility than the underlying private market real estate values.

Our Approach

Rush Island seeks to extract excess returns via our concentrated approach to portfolio construction. Our real-time access to private equity relationships from a combined 50 years in the industry gives us a competitive advantage in identifying, underwriting, and monitoring public investments.